Why Bullies Can Ruin Your Life and Why They Pick on Appearance

No matter what age you are or where in the world you live, it’s probably that you will encounter a bully. Whether this be at school, at home or at work, there are people everywhere that are cruel to others in order to make themselves feel better. But why do we let others have such a big impact on our lives and let them ruin it? And why do bullies pick on appearance so much? There are answers for each of these questions, and it is time to stand up against the bullies.

Why Can Bullies Ruin Your Life?

Many people let bullies get to them and it is the human way to react. When someone picks at something about you, especially if it is an insecurity, it can play on your mind even when you don’t want it to bother you. We shouldn’t let others ruin our lives, but it is a completely different scenario when you are the one at the receiving end. Many move jobs or schools to get away from bullies as they cannot get away from their remarks, even after they have reported them to the appropriate people.

Why Do Bullies Pick on Appearance?

Bullies chose appearance because that can be the easiest way to target someone. They may not know anything about you, but they can still see you. Bullies pick on anything about someone’s appearance, and if they get a reaction they know they’ve hit a nerve. You could get bullied for being too fat, too thin, being bald, your hair colour (ginger being the main target), having spots, wearing glasses and many other things that are what make us human and unique. For some, bullies may pick on you following their own insecurities so you may notice that the person picking on you for being overweight is overweight themselves.

How Do I Deal with Bullies?

The best way to deal with a bully before it gets too far is ignore them from the start. As soon as they see a reaction from you, they will continue to pick on you. This can be incredibly hard to ignore, but as the bigger person it is best to ignore them. A bully will get bored if they are being ignored and you show you aren’t bothered by what they are saying. If they are bullying you about something you are insecure about, change it for you, not for them. If you are struggling with weight loss, there is plenty of help online. If you are unhappy with your hair, visit Malkonyan to let your hair do the talking. Deal with your insecurities for yourself, and walk past the bully with your head held high. Use the bully as motivation to prove you can be better whilst they remain the same mean person they will always be.

If you are struggling with a bully, talk to someone you trust and find out who you can report them to. Do not let bullies ruin your life, stand tall and proud and ignore their silly remarks. They are likely only acting this way because they are insecure too.