January 19

Deal with your bullies in your way


My way of dealing with bullies was simple, I waited them out, and I figured out, that I wasn’t the thing they hated. I was threatening to them not because of what or who I was; it was because I was there. After realizing that, I opened up a little and made some amazing friends, most of whom I talk to this day.

This is not something that can work for everyone. As we are all different individuals, so does the solution to this issue vary person to person. There are however some universally helpful things that are worth doing.  Don’t just be a bystander standing idle, doing nothing. If you and the people around you act when someone is bullied, it makes a difference. It helps when we stigmatize this kind of behavior when we condemn people who act with a lack of respect to their peers. The whole school needs to be involved, the entire community. Not just the students, but families, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, nurses, cafeteria and office staff, we all need to chip in and create an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Another huge part is communication. I felt at times like I couldn’t say anything to anyone, too embarrassed, too ashamed to speak up. But if we are encouraged to talk about our problems, then we will be encouraged to be who we are, and we will realize that it wasn’t our fault. And trust me that is huge! Because you can’t solve any of your problems if you just tuck them away in your mind somewhere, and speak to no one. And I know it’s not easy, but the first step always has to come from within.

It helps if you have someone to talk to, it helped when I was in high school it helps now.  I can’t say for sure that all these things might help you, I can’t say that with a 100% certainty, I don’t think anyone can really.  One this that won’t help however is not reaching out, is believing that the absolute worst of yourself is true.  Remember that you are not alone, you aren’t the only person who’s going through this.


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