April 3

Why I Got Bullied in School For Being a Geek


We have all experienced first hand the old adage that kids can be cruel. Sure, we all have varying degrees of this experience. Some kids get to live this out and look back, presumably, as adults with a sense of how lucky they were to be on that side of it.

Now, given that teenagers and kids love to pick on one another, they clearly need a steady stream of things to make fun of. As a result, anything that makes you different marks you out as a target. For me, it was my CPAP machine and my love of Arduinos that they latched on to.


Anyone who has suffered from sleep apnea can attest to how unpleasant it is. It might not be a life-threatening condition, but it can be a scary experience to wake up feeling short of breath. It also makes getting a good night’s sleep more difficult. For those of us who prefer to share our beds, it can also make things difficult for our partners.

A constant positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine consists of a face mask and a ‘pump’. The unit itself resembles a digital radio and blends in with my furniture. The machine has been life changing! If you suffer with sleep apnea and want to try a CPAP machine, check out the best guide of the best models.

High school students being bullied.


If you haven’t heard of the Arduino, you have probably at least heard of the concept. Heard of the Raspberry Pi? Well the Arduino is the same concept. It is a circuit board which has a number of basic peripheral ports, such as USB, HDMI etc. which allow other devices to be connected to it. The board is programmed using the C programming language. You can read more about the Arduino over at digitizd.com.

This kind of circuit board set-up is the computer equivalent of Lego. Programmers can build out these circuit boards, even combine different types, and attach whatever they like to them. There really is no limit to what you can do with these things!

Why I Was Bullied

Of course, kids being cruel to one another is, for the most part, a positive part of their development. Believe it or not, all of those social pressures that teenagers pile upon themselves are effective at preparing them to deal with more serious issues later in life.

Which is to say that, I get it. I get that kids are mean to one another and that being on the receiving end of it is not necessarily a great trauma. However, bullying can be very serious, violent, even life threatening. If you or someone you know is being bullied then you should reach out for help.

I think that my hobbies and my medical condition made me different, there was nothing about these things specifically that they wanted to make fun of. At the time I felt very self conscious about it. As an adult, I look back on it and I realize that there is a predictability to their behavior. As a child it felt like they were being cruel and capricious, but in fact they were merely acting out the most basic desire of all: to belong to a group.


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