September 15

TruthFinder Review: Legit or Scam Background Checking Tool?


When you want to find information about anyone, you will! come across background check tools like TruthFinder. But, is TruthFinder the tool you need? Keep reading to find out!

TruthFinder: An Introduction

TruthFinder is a tool that allows users to perform a search on anyone or find information on anyone. If the person you are looking up has something to hide, TruthFinder will find it. Because of this, TruthFinder has also been referred to as a tool that exposes secrets.

As with any background check tool, a lot of people wonder about its accuracy. As you will see below, TruthFinder is pretty accurate.

TruthFindercan also be used to find what information exists about us or anyone else on the larger internet or even the dark web. This tool also has a mobile application to complement its web-based tool with the services both of them provide divided into four categories:

  • Public Records
  • Dark web scan
  • People search
  • Background check

Although some information will overlap when you look someone up using the different tools, each of the services is unique and suited for different searches.

Company Information

The publicly-available information about the company behind TruthFinder includes the following:

CEO - Kristian Kibak

Headquarter Location - San Diego, CA

Phone - 1 (800) 699-8081

Founded - 2014

Address - 2534 State St., #473, San Diego, CA, 92101

This information is relatively easy to find, which means the company is not hiding anything and there is a good reason why we are recommending its services.

Does TruthFinder Work?

Yes, but with a caveat; be prepared to find out much more than you expect. TruthFinder managed to find court records that were over five years old. In this case, the person had an unpaid parking ticket, which the judge did not fine them for. TruthFinder has this information and more on record!

For this particular person, TruthFinder was able to show they were not fined because they had a clean driving record. It also showed the amount they paid and a full account of the violation that led to the ticket. TruthFinder was also able to find both of their current phone numbers, a previous number, the email address they currently use, a couple of email addresses they had used long ago, professional and academic background, history of different occupations, and a lot more information.

Although it is scary to see the amount of information there is about you out in the open, this tells you how good TruthFinder is at finding information on almost anyone. What is most impressive about this tool is how thorough it is and how far back into the past it looks.

TruthFinder’s Accuracy

There are no doubts about the ability of this tool to find present and past information about you. The only problem you might have is the accuracy of the information the tool presents you. For the person above, TruthFinder said older phone numbers were active, which they are not.

In another case, TruthFinder displayed the wrong Glassdoor information about the person looked up. But TruthFinder was able to find accurate court records about a fight they had been in years ago. Because of this fight, they had records for petty assault.

From all the above, it is obvious to see that TruthFinder can have some accuracy issues, but in a majority of cases, the information it provides is very reliable. For records you can find if you know where to look, such as court, death, and incarceration records, TruthFinder will find them with 100% accuracy. The advantage of using this tool is that all this information is concentrated in one place instead of you having to look all over for it.

Another advantage is that you get to know exactly who you are dealing with. For example, when going on a first date, it would be a good idea to know if the person has any sexual assault or violent background so you can take the necessary measures to protect yourself. It can also do the same for your new neighbors when you move to a new house. One thing to note is that people do not always have secrets, but when they do, it would be better to know about them so you can protect yourself or make the best decisions.


TruthFinder is a very affordable opinion compared to similar services. To suit different people, there are different membership tiers. This helps users sign up for accounts that best suit their budget and needs.

The one thing you will like about their pricing structure is that you can pay for the one-month option. This will let you do all the checks you want without making a long commitment. The pricing tiers include:

  • One-Month Membership - $27.88
  • Two-Month Membership - $23.02 per month
  • One-Month Membership - $4.99 (Reverse Phone Lookup only)

Remember that these prices can change depending on internal policies, if there are promotions and sales, or due to global forex changes. Up-to-date plan information can be found on the TruthFinder website.

TruthFinder Pros and Cons

TruthFinder does not have a lot of downsides, but that does not mean it is perfect.

  • You get genuine information with lots of detail
  • You will likely find information that is older than you expected
  • The Deep Web Scan provides you with even more information
  • Their plans are affordable to the level of service they offer
  • Information from social media and dating websites is available
  • TruthFinder has dedicated Android and iOS apps
  • Does not have a free plan or free trial
  • Social media data can be inaccurate
  • The amount of information you find can make you feel paranoid

Final Thoughts

TruthFinder is a great background checking tool and it reveals a huge amount of information that is very detailed. Although it can be inaccurate in some instances, that varies from individual to individual. If you are looking up love interests, new neighbors, lost acquaintances, or information available on the dark web, it is difficult to recommend any other tool.

If you're still not convinced then consider reading this review of truthfinder.


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